Evernew Water Carriers

Evernew Water Carriers

Last year I gave up on water bottles for hiking and back packing. My large Nalgene bottles didn’t fit my packs well, and my smaller bottles didn’t carry enough water to validate their bulk and weight. Looking for water bags to go with my Sawyer Mini water filter was the final catalyst that forced bottles out of my pack forever!

Product: Evernew Water Carriers
Purchased Date: August 2, 2015
Price: ¥630 – ¥750
Active Life: 12 months
Buy Again? Yes

The Good

+ Excellent value
+ Light and compact
+ Range of sizes
+ Well designed
+ Fit Sawyer Mini

The Bad

– Some discolouration
– Shock cord stretch
– Hard to dry

The Details

My buddies bought me a Sawyer Mini water filter last year as a gift. Immediately after receiving it I started looking for compatible bags that I could use instead of the stock Sawyer bag. I quickly discovered Evernew.

Evernew is a Japanese company that has existed since the 1920s. In Japan they have a presence in a wide range of outdoor markets, from badminton to water sports. A search on Amazon Japan shows an impressive range of products. They also import and distribute a number of products from overseas, including Treksta, Tatonka, etc. It’s safe to say they are massive.

Being such a big Japanese company, they are able to offer their products at reasonable prices to the Japanese market, and the prices don’t seem to be affected by swings in US dollar exchange rates. This makes the Evernew bags very affordable.

Evernew Sizes

I purchased four bags:
– 2L
– 900ml
– 600ml (x2)

I use the 2L in the reservoir pouch of my backpack, and keep the two 600ml bags in my side pouches. The 900ml bag is used exclusively with my Sawyer mini as a collection bag, so I don’t drink out of it directly.

When not in use the Evernew bags roll up, and can be stored away, saving space. The bags have a loop of shock cord that wraps over the cap to keep the bag from unrolling.

At around 40g for the 2L bag, they are both light and easy to pack. In fact, all four of my bags combined weigh less than a single 1L Nalgene bottle. The bags come in at 125g, with the Nalgene weighing 180g.

The bags themselves are well designed and well made. They are constructed from triple layered polyethylene, and have a tapered middle, which makes them easy to hold. The bottoms are also gusseted, which allows them to stand upright when filled. They are labeled “Made in Japan.”

Rolled Up

The bags are well sealed at the spout, and have a white dot to show the user where to hold when opening and closing. This is meant to reduce stress on the seal. The orange lid is easy to grip with gloves, and is attached with a small flap of plastic which prevents them from getting lost. This does get in the way when drinking directly from the bottle, so you have to hold it out of the way. A small price to pay to keep the cap attached to the bag.

The bags can also handle a wide range of temperatures, and are listed as being usable in the range of -20° to 90° C (-4° to 194° F).

Evernew water carriers are an excellent companion for the Sawyer Mini. Their screw top fits the mini perfectly, and are quality replacements for the bag that comes with the Sawyer.

Evernew and Sawyer

Evernew also makes a drinking tube that can convert them into a hydration pack so you can drink from them when they are in your bag’s hydration pouch. I haven’t used one, but it might be an option for people that don(t want to run a separate hydration system.

There are a few things I wish for though. The opening is a little small, which makes them hard to fill from anything other than a tap or deep water. Trying to collect stream water is difficult. The opening is also too small to add anything but the smallest of ice cubes.

One of my bags has also developed a slight discolouring. I wash the bags after each trip, but the small opening makes them difficult to dry out. Blowing into them pops them open and allows them to stand, but any extra water in them seems to take a long time to evaporate. The shock cord has also stretched, but is easy enough to tighten.

These are relatively small issues in my mind. I think the Evernew water bags are an excellent alternative to water bottles, being lighter, better priced, and easier to pack. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs extra bags for their Sawyer mini, or that wants to have water carrying options that can roll up and get out of the way when not in use.

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