Leon’s Gear

Leon’s Gear

My Summer Kit

Like many backpackers and hikers, we have different set-ups depending on the nature of the trip we find ourselves on. It’s currently Summer here in Japan, which means heat, humidity, and bugs! This dictates my Summer Solo Set-Up.

Summer Solo Set-Up (Summer 2016)

1. Tyvek ground sheet. I keep everything on here when I am unpacking, and use it to keep my feet clean when I get in and out of the hammock. I can also hide my shoes under it to keep the bugs out.
2. Dutchware / Hammock Gear 40° underquilt
3. Etowah 8×10 Silnylon tarp. I love this thing and use it all year round!
4. Dutchware Gear 11′ Hammock
5. Month Bell Carbon hiking poles
6. Month Bell rain pants and Marmot rain shell
7. First Aid bag
8. Water Kit
– 3L Camelbak
– 2L Evernew water bag
– 600ml Evernew water bag (x2)
– 900ml Evernew water bag
– Sawyer mini water filter
9. Costco down throw blanket
10. Cook Kit
– Trangia 500ml alcohol bottle
– Trangia stove
– Vargo 900ml titanium pot with lid
– Evernew 400ml titanium cup
– Light My Fire titanium spork
11. Extra Clothes in 3L dry bag
– 2 pairs of underpants (Uniqlo)
– 2 extra light weight under shirts (Uniqlo)
– Extra pair of hiking shorts (Month Bell)
– Extra Shirt (MEC)
– 3 pairs of socks
12. Rope and peg bag
13. Molle radio pouch for phone
14. Vargo titanium hexagon stove (wind screen for trangia / secondary cook system)
15. Lights & Power
– X-DRAGON 15000ma​h solar battery
– Cateye cycling light
– Fenix HL50 headlamp

Rope and Peg Bag

I have a feeling that I might keep too much rope in my bag. I also probably have more shock cord than I need as well, but I am attached to it.

Rope Bag

1. Dyneema Zing It rope (50′)
2. Vargo titanium nails (x6)
3. Tera Nova titanium skewers (x6)
4. Dutchware tree straps and whoopie slings
5. 1m reflective tent line (x5)
6. 3m rope line with Dutchware titanium flyz
7. 2mm prusick loops (x5)
8. 1m rope lines (x6)
9. Carabiners, dutchware titanium carabiners, and extra tarp flyz
10. Shock cord loops (x10)

First Aid Kit

I don’t carry a very big first aid kit on the trail, but I am considering adding a few more things to it like a compression bandage and a sewing kit. The Opinel also wouldn’t really work once it gets a bit colder as it doesn’t do well as a camp knife beyond cutting foot.


1. Fever sheets. These are used for treating fevers, but work great for hit humid summer nights.
2. Mont Bell pillow and sleeping pad patch kit. This is left over from my other kit. Don’t need it when using teh hammock.
3. Opinel #8 knife. Works great for simple cutting and stick shaving, but can’t really do any heavy work.
4. Breathe Right patches incase of breathing trouble.
5. Tiger Balm infused bandages for shoulders.
6. Matches and striker in waterproof case
7. Emergency TP and pack out bag.
8. Bandages
9. Blister bandages
10. Medicine (bufferin and allergy pills)
11. Alcohol wipes
12. Silnylon tarp patch kit
13. Lighter
14. Mont Bell flashlight to lantern converter
15. Bug repellant